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Agent Quality Monitoring Features

  • Inbox facility available in DGVox AQM is useful for selecting multiple calls for evaluation and push it to user’s inbox or assign it to a supervisor inbox for evaluations later.
  • Evaluators can form custom rule based search forms and use those forms to select daily calls for evaluation ,so that matching the critirea of the calls for evaluation need not be entered multiple times daily.
  • Reports based on Evaluation, based on number of evaluations, based on Key performance areas, based on individual agents or agent groups, Performance summary reports based on number of evaluations etc are available in AQM. More customized reports can be provided on request based on the business scenario AQM is being deployed.
  • Screen capture module of DGVox will provide the Agent activities as a Video file along with the voice . This will be available for evalauation as well.
  • For enterprise platforms of Cisco ,Avaya, Unify etc call parameters like Skill group , Agent ID etc will be available for evaluation along with the call details.
  • AQM module make sure that the Agent’s performance are up to the expectation and the supervisors of a call center can easily monitor , evaluate and train the agent and ensure that the performance of workforce is meeting the expected service levels.