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SpeechLogix Command Center solutions are being widely used with various security and government organizations. The solution is suitable and flexible to adapt to any workflow followed by the Command control center. Emergency Call-taker applications, Call handling and ACD (Automatic Call Distribution), electronic forms & reports, GIS (Geographic Information System), emergency dispatchers and operator’s evaluation & monitoring applications are crucial systems for any emergency command center.
The system is capable of talking to the Information center database servers using specific protocols and take back the coordinates to display the geographical location of the caller in a map integrated with the Command center solution on the Agent desktop. The Call taker will be able to enter the case details and save it. Also the reporting engine will generate all the necessary reports regarding the Incidents and also regarding the call detailed analysis.
Our teams work alongside the ECC staff who are responsible for compliance to adhere to the requirements & customizations in a speedy and secure manner, as these are vital and sensitive applications. One system, Synthesize opinions to determine the best course of action - Making your System Pay for itself.