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Health care

Call popup is a useful utility for health care to serve the patients quickly by getting popup information regarding their appoinment and other patient details. This way It is easy to answer the patient calls for clinics and hospitals and thereby increase the productivity of call taker and reduce the number of call takers to attend the calls.


In today's hospitality industry, lot of information is given and many bookings are made over the phone. Call Popup is becoming increasingly important in Travel Agencies, Tourism Offices, Railways, Airlines, Hotels, etc for answering the customer regarding the booking details quickly and accurately . CTIBUZZ can provide recoding of the call after the call is finished and the user can enter notes regarding the call after hearing the recording of the call. The history of the calls will be shown for next call from same customer and hence it will be easy to serve him by viewing these previous records.

Logistics and Cargo

Logistics and Cargo industry require to trackdown the shipment details of a customer on receiving the calls from these customers. Based on the callerid CTIBUZZ can easily fetch the details like airway bill number and status of the shipment on reception of a call from the CRM database . This way it increases the productivity of call taker and improve the volume of business drastically as more customers will be served in short time.

Entertainment industry

For film theatres and multiplex theatres the volume of calls to be handled during a week end is very high. Most of these calls will be regarding the Film timing and status of the booking. Based on the caller id it will be easy to identify customers having booking and provide timing of the Film which he booked for. Based on callerid all these information can be fetched from CRM through the integration of CTIBUZZ with the corresponding CRM.