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DGVox hosted recording solution is specifically designed for integrating with cloud telephony systems. DGVox Service Provide Edition is a multi-tenant call recording solution for service providers. DGVox allows service providers to deploy quickly and easily offer profitable mission-critical call recording functionality to their service offering.

DGVox can integrate with Service provider switch to record good volume of calls per server and providing multiple recording options

Service Providers using DGVox platform benefit from fully functional, reliable and advanced call recording solution at competitive pricing and low total cost of ownership.


  • Specially designed for Cloud Telephony Service Providers
  • High availability and Exceptional reliability
  • High Scalability and Advanced Security features.
  • Offer mission critical Recording feature to grow revenue and Customer base
  • Quick deployment and low ongoing maintenance
  • Fast access to call recording data through web interface for fast customer adoption and minimum end user training.
  • Manage system through powerful centralized web based administration .
  • Improve Customer Support

SIPREC Mode for Recording

From the Service Provider Switch or Session Border controller it is possible to enable the SIPREC recording option. Switches from vendors like Broadsoft, AudioCodes etc support SIPREC. SIPREC architecture work based on the architecture SIPREC client and SIPREC server. SIPREC client will be the source of recording data which will be the Session Border Controller Switch in this case. Server is DGVox application.

Active mode for Recording

From the Service Provider Switch a SIP call will be made to DGVox Recorder for each call to be recorded. DGVox will pick up the SIP call using it’s HMP platform integration and the RTP will be processed in multiple instances based on the load to be handled.

Passive Mode of Recording

From the Service Provider Switch a Mirrored port will be provided to DGVox The load from mirrored ports will be balanced and distributed to DGVox servers based on number of sessions to be recorded. Up to 250 concurrent Calls can be handled per server using this method