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SpeechBill is compatible with most of the PBX systems available in market. SpeechBill collects the call details through the CDR interface of the PBX and parse the data to retrieve the call information from this. The different modes of connectivity for different PBX systems includes the following.


Through the network interfaces PBX will send the data to the assigned SpeechBill server . The IP address and port of the SpeechBill server will be configured in the PBX.


SpeechBill will run an FTP server in the system , PBX will be configured to send the call detail files through FTP to the SpeechBill server.

Serial Port.

CDR can also be available through the serial port of PBX. SpeechBill can be configured to read from the Serial port and then parse the data to collect the call details of the PBX.

CASTerminal utility from SpeechLogix can be used for checking the CDR data which is pushed through the TCP/IP or Serial port. Setup of this utility can be downloaded from the Downloads page.