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SpeechLogix is a leading Computer Telephony Integration and Voice solutions provider, formed with a commitment to technology innovation. Our Products serve various Mareket Verticals including telecom service providers, financial service providers, contact centers, government, education, and healthcare. SpeechLogix prides itself for its ability to customize its solutions and products to the local and regional needs of each of its customers; this covers a wide variety of products in Voice Logging, IVR, Call Accounting , CTI Call Popup solutions, Contact Center Solutions. SpeechLogix continues to follow its mission in becoming the best partner for contact centers and Enterprises in providing Telecom and Voice Products and soltuions. With more than a decade of expertise in Research and Development of Telecom Products we have built our Telecom and Contact center products supported by strong backbone of Cutting edge technology following high standards of quality and reliability.


SpeechLogix is built upon four main pillars which are Reliability, Scalability, Flexibility and Adaptability. It is with these ideals in mind that we execute each and every part of our business. With SpeechLogix’s products and solutions, we ensure that your solution is scalable; growing and expanding to suit your needs flexibly personalizing each part to adapt to each specification for each unique case. Not only does reliability extend to our products, but also to our professional services ensuring high customer satisfaction by guaranteeing swift project implementation and around the clock customer support. We believe in providing flexible solutions, catered to our customer.

Mission & Vision

We strive for excellence in delivering the best service and innovation in Telecom and Voice solutions. Our mission is to become the best Partner for all market verticals in providing Computer Telephony Integration based products and solutions. Our vision is to continue our efforts to embrace technological development on telecom products and come up with more innovative solutions which can cater to the needs related to Telecom and Voice for any industry.

Happy Clients

As a twenty year call center veteran I found this equipment to outperform competing systems at a fraction of the cost. DGVox machines have served us extremely well for 7+ years with virtually no technical glitches even after hundreds of thousands of hours of recording time. We would gladly recommend the DGVox machine to anyone with need for a reliable recorder.”

Jim Garey, President, teleXpertise, Inc.

DGVOX Recording Solution is Consistent, Flexible, and easy to work with – we’ve been using the DGVOX Recording Solution for a Decade now, and It is so reliable and easy to Use ,and no Technical issues even after hundreds of thousands of hours of recording time. We would Gladly Recommend DGVOX Machines to anyone with need for a reliable Recorder.

Mohammed Alissa
Supervisor Central Trading Unit
Arab National Bank investment