Call Accounting System


SpeechBill Overview

SpeechBill is a Web Based Call Accounting and Costing Solution which enables costing, budgeting and tracking for all communication costs. As a management tool, SpeechBill can generate reports on telecom usage by allocating costs to departments, cost & profits centers and even customers. Analysis of productivity, call traffic and costs can be accessed by reports or graphical representations of dashboards, even remotely based on call detail records (CDR)

SpeechBill Features

SpeechBill is packed with all the features that easily make the following possible:

The SpeechBill web based interface and the reporting engine is designed in the most user friendly and responsive manner in order to ensure easy access and compatibility with all platforms and browsers. SpeechBill is available in 2 editions , Standard Edition and Professional Edition. Standard edition is meant for small-medium enterprises with single office or locations. Professional Edition is meant for enterprises having multiple branch offices that require centralized call cost and detail administration.

SpeechBill Benefits

SpeechBill Benefits

More Information about SpeechBill

Download the SpeechBill presentation and configuration/application notes from these links:
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