XLogix® is all-in-one Cloud Telephony and Contact Center solution, that simplifies your daily business communication & needs, whether you are a small, medium or large enterprise. The fully lined-up features will exceed your expectations.

The Problem:

Market Trends

The Solution:

Market Trends

Service Providers

Service Providers

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XLogix Platform Features

All-in-One Platform Features

The XLogix Platform allows service providers to lead and innovate with a one stop platform for Unified Communication and Contact Center as a Service.

XLogix Platform takes care of all services, features, modules and systems:

Product Overview

Web Scale

Built on a robust platform that scales to millions of concurrent subs easily

Set up and profitable in weeks

Available anywhere


XLogix platform is highly customized for your product offering – not just your standard white-label


Includes features that really matter to your customers

Integrates industry-leading video, social media and legacy devices

Well Supported

SpeechLogix designed the applications – no support/developer runaround

Automatic Updates

Used in Many Market Verticals

Answer the needs of your customers

UCaas Platform


Flexble UCaaS Platform

Scalable deployment

Designed to expand as required
Bring your own device (BYOD)


Easy-to-Launch Contact Centre

Click-to-dial or auto-dial within your CRM
Selective outbound CLI
OmniChannel with popular social media applications
Screen pops in CRM

Advanced Feature

Modular Platform

Create your own bundle; from simple voice user to advanced contact centre user

Growing SMEs to large enterprises.
Cost efficiency for all sectors

Dashboards & Analytics

Customer-Centric Module

Comprehensive customer dashboard

UCaaS & CCaaS customizable dashboards
Remote agent configuration
License management

Meet customers where they are with innovative CCaaS

Provide the tools for a memorable Customer Experience

XLogix social integrations

Flexible integration with social media

Increase agent efficiency

Sell visibility

CCTel- SpeechLogix
The XLogix Platform

Available Worldwide

Level Up Your Team Communications

Enable team communications (Voice, Video, Messaging and Meetings) with enriching experiences they enjoy, with an infrastructure you already have.

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