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Record and Archive


Call Accounting Solution


Call Popup Solution


Utility Module


DGVox is the flagship product of SpeechLogix. DGVox is designed to record and archive telephone conversations, be it IP, Digital or Analog. DGVox is extensively used to meet recording needs in Call Centers, Banks, Government establishments, Defense, Security, Utilities, Transportation and several other industries.



SpeechBill is a web based call accounting and Costing solution which enables costing,budgeting and tracking of all communication costs. As a management tool, SpeechBill can generate reports on telecom usage by allocating costs to departments, cost & profits centers and even customers.



CTIBUZZ is a CTI call popup solution which can be used for providing the call related information from a CRM database or Enterprise database before picking up the call. CTIBUZZ is integrated with market leading PBX system through standard interfaces like AMI , TAPI and CSTA.



DGVox AQM is one of the most useful utility module of DGVox for Contact centers and BPOs. AQM will be used for detailed evaluation of calls by the agents based on the Customizable forms and score cards which can be created based on the business requirements.


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