and SpeechLogix Partner to Deliver Enhanced Customer Engagement Experiences, a global leader in conversational commerce solutions, is excited to announce its partnership with SpeechLogix Inc., a leading provider of automated voice technology., a global leader in conversational commerce solutions, is excited to announce its partnership with SpeechLogix Inc., a leading provider of automated voice technology.

Together, the companies will leverage SpeechLogix’s advanced contact center solution and’s omni-channel business messaging API to deliver enhanced customer engagement experiences for businesses of all sizes.

“We are excited about our partnership with,” says Haitham El-Hanafi, Head of Sales at SpeechLogix. “’s Business Messaging API has added the omni-channel capabilities to XLogix Platform, which is nominated as one of the best overall platforms by Enterprise Connect in 2023, and we are confident that this collaboration will result in even more success for our customers.”

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The integration of’s API into SpeechLogix’s contact center solution has expanded its range of services, including WhatsApp, Apple business messaging, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook messenger, and VOIP. This provides customers with a streamlined experience, allowing them to connect with agents seamlessly across all channels.

SpeechLogix Smart Agent Routing, supported by’s omni-channel communication technology, ensures customers are directed to the same agent, regardless of the channel they use. This means that if there is a disconnection, customers can be confident that when they redial, they will be reconnected with the same agent who was previously helping them. Even if the customer decides to use a different channel or calls back later, they will still be connected to the same agent. This not only increases customer satisfaction but also streamlines the process and saves time.

Both companies are confident that this partnership will enhance the customer experience and improve business service delivery. They are committed to providing businesses with best-in-class customer service solutions that meet their needs. The integration of their platforms is the first step towards achieving that goal.

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The partnership with has already seen significant success, with SpeechLogix deploying its solution for service providers such as Zain Group in the Middle East. The simplicity of’s API has eased the integration process across all channels, providing customers with a complete all-in-one platform.

Alessandro Melotti, Partnership Manager of North America, added, “We are excited to join forces with SpeechLogix; the integration of both solutions will enable businesses to engage with their customers more personally and intelligently, which will drive better results and increased customer loyalty.”

The partnership with is a win-win for SpeechLogix and its customers, providing a complete, all-in-one, streamlined, and user-friendly platform, providing businesses with cutting-edge solutions to streamline customer interactions and enhance overall customer engagement.

About SpeechLogix Canada

SpeechLogix is a complete solutions provider and combines the latest technologies and innovations through its XLogix platform, as well as associated services. Our focus is assisting Services Providers launch and manage turnkey UC and CC services in a changing world.

XLogix Platform combines the latest and greatest technologies and innovations in contact center applications, such as Virtual PBX, Collaboration, CRM integration, Advanced Recording, Agent Quality Monitoring, Advanced Security & Screen Capturing modules, in addition to an Advanced Billing module with call restriction feature.

XLogix extends office extensions to mobiles and tablets, extensions can be configured on computers, softphones, clients & major Desktop IP phones.

Powered by Google Cloud and Machine Learning in 19+ different regions, 58+ Zones, 134+ Network Edge locations and 200+ countries and territories globally, XLogix enables intelligent routing to get agents performing at maximum efficiency. The full range of in-house developed products, XLogix ensures an optimal customer experience with smart and full call records retrieval analytics through embedded AI capabilities.
For further information, please contact:

Issam Mahfoud
Business Development Manager
SpeechLogix Canada Inc.
Mississauga, ON, Canada
Mobile: +1 (437) 770-2626
[email protected]

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