SpeechLogix & TeamMate enables operators extend carrier services with MS Teams.

SpeechLogix & TeamMate enables operators extend carrier services with MS Teams.

February 23 rd , 2024, | Oakville, ON, Canada, St Petersburg FL, USA

SpeechLogix is adding more tools to the kit, by widening the UCaaS & CCaaS product portfolio, enabling XLogix® platform to become the preferred platform for operators.

XLogix® now enables Microsoft Teams thanks to TeamMate technology, the innovative direct connect that makes it possible for operators to offer new product portfolio based on MS Teams as end points.

MS Teams active users surpassed the 300M+ mark, and less than 18% of them are using MS phone system. This leaves a large market of users who require something more than MS Teams phone system, which is often considered too basic on its own.

MS Teams must integrate with an advanced backend to perform advanced calling functions, and that’s where TeamMate’s technology comes in. TeamMate allows XLogix® to provide the advanced voice and contact center platform to MS Teams’ strong front end collaboration client.

SpeechLogix has a proven track record of enabling operators and service providers to launch new services that are fully white labeled, locally hosted, and comprised of multiple products to delight their customers. “This partnership brings new revenue streams to our customers, enabling them to approach Microsoft’s considerable base as a partner rather than a competitor.” said Haitham El-Hanafi, SpeechLogix Head of Global Sales.

“SpeechLogix sets the tone for the industry with their suite of flexible and scalable calling solutions. We look forward to working with them because we believe that our Teams connectors are the perfect complement to their white label solution, and we are always thrilled to partner with like-minded innovators.” said Eric Hernaez of TeamMate Technology.

SpeechLogix’s XLogix® platform is the all-in-one tool kit that is designed for operators to bring to their customers, from small-medium enterprise to very large enterprises.

“SpeechLogix and TeamMate technology have teamed up to address a serious technology need – to provide advanced telephony to MS Teams. There is no doubt that operators will benefit from such an integration and their customers will have the choice to stay with MS Teams and enrich their communications services. It makes the migration from legacy on-premises systems to cloud a no brainer” said Haitham El-Hanafi, SpeechLogix Head of Global Sales.

About SpeechLogix

SpeechLogix is the trademark owner and manufacturer of XLogix® Platform, geared and designed for telecom operators and carriers. XLogix® combines the latest and greatest technologies &  innovations in Unified Communications and Contact Centers including Cloud PBX, Advanced Recording, Agent Quality Monitoring, Advanced Security, Omnichannel Modules & Screen Capturing, in addition to an Advanced Billing Module with Call Restriction.

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