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SpeechLogix Canada Inc., announces three new Business Units

SpeechLogix Canada Inc., the innovator and owner of the XLogix Platform, announces today three newly organized business units, UCC BU, CSP BU and NW BU.

The newly announced business units are as follows:

  1. Business Unit Unified Communications & Contact Center as a service (UCC BU).
  2. Business Unit Cloud Services Providers (CSP BU)
  3. Business Unit Networks – On-Premises and Legacy solutions (NW BU).
    The establishment of these three business units will accelerate business transformation and support the growth of SpeechLogix. The company will split the mainstream business into three, UCC BU, CSP BU & NW BU.
    The Unified Communication as a Service market – UCaaS and the Contact Center as a Service market-CCaaS are in the midst of tremendous growth and will be a combined $100 B business by 2025. This organizational change enables SpeechLogix to focus on the needs of each business practice while maintaining an end-to-end view of both UCaaS & CCaaS markets.
    The business logic of a direct model offered by UCC BU is to serve different verticals, that range from a small business end client who needs a virtual office application, to a medium-sized enterprise seeking dynamic telephony and collaboration applications that replace the need for any over-the-top collaboration tools like Zoom, Microsoft Teams or Cisco WebEx. UCC BU also serves large enterprises with 1000+ employees, in more than 66 countries, with the ability to provide a local phone number at competitive rates.
    CSP BU will focus on reinforcing SpeechLogix’ leadership position in the new era of enabling Cloud services providers a stronger and more competitive position by offering their own branded UCaaS & CCaaS that is within their reach. CSP BU’s primary focus will be to maintain a leading role by partnering with CSPs who want to launch UCaaS and CCaaS services within 6-8 weeks, and compete with the over-the-top applications such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams and Cisco WebEx! CSPs will also have the great opportunity to offer totally new services like virtual business office and Virtual Digital Home solutions!
    The current business stream NW BU, as announced today, has successfully reinforced SpeechLogix leadership position in the legacy market. Increased R&D effectiveness is accomplished with the common components of the XLogix platform which results in quality and completeness of an all-in-one platform to create agile additional business units of UCC BU and CSP BU.
    While the legacy business is still on the rise, SpeechLogix is focused on maintaining the current business stream and align with the on-premises customers by providing the latest innovations that the all-in-one platform of XLogix offers!

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