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SpeechLogix Canada Inc., partners with Cloudops to deliver the worlds’ first Cloud-Ready Call Recording Applications

The emergence of cloud means that for the first time ever, SpeechLogix will facilitate the first digital transformation milestone for their existing customers. Cloud will enable service providers to expand beyond their existing footprint and begin offering their applications aaS.

SpeechLogix Canada Inc., the supplier and owner of DGVox, the world’s first multi-lingual support call recording and logging agent monitoring application, has successfully migrated its core application to, in cooperation with CloudOps.

CloudOps is a cloud agnostic professional and managed services provider that builds and manages cloud environments on both private and public platforms. They help software companies and telecommunication service providers own their destiny in the Cloud.

CloudOps has been working with SpeechLogix to develop the cloud-ready DGVox, which enables SpeechLogix to offer competitive applications for customers in different sectors such as utilities, hospitality, call centres, education, government, financial services, and banking.

DGVox has been developed as a multi-tenant application, wherein DGVox can be integrated at a service provider’s data centre and be orchestrated with any cloud management system for auto-scaling and template configuration purposes.

DGVox is a cloud-agnostic solution that is delivered globally due to CloudOps’ expertise with Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure and regional clouds built on OpenStack and Apache CloudStack. DGVox works “out of the box” with 30+ PBX vendors, including Avaya, Cisco, BroadSoft, MiTEL and many others, whether the extensions are analogue, digital, VoIP, SIP or SIPREC.

SpeechLogix applications have been deployed today to 400+ customers around the world, specifically to the Middle East major government sectors such as civil defense, mega sized utilities like Saudi Electric Company, and deployed at Arab National Bank with tens of thousands of extensions.

2017 will be an important year for SpeechLogix. The company is committed to leveraging CloudOps’ expertise with OpenStack to make DGVox the first call centre application to support infrastructure as code deployments across multiple clouds – OpenStack, AWS, Azure and This feature will further enrich its position as a true cloud solution and align its growth with the virtualization strategy of all leading-edge service providers.
About CloudOps

CloudOps enables its customers to own their destiny in a cloudy world by leveraging open source cloud orchestration and best of breed technologies.
The CloudOps cloud building team has built and supports dozens of clouds for Telco’s and regional cloud service providers around the world.

Additionally, CloudOps has helped hundreds of software companies migrate to and scale their businesses on regional cloud platforms such as and public clouds such as Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure.

Developed by CloudOps, is a Canadian Infrastructure as a Service: a true regional cloud that delivers scalable, secure and resilient cloud computing services at competitive utility costs.

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