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SpeechLogix Canada Inc., Teams Up with Avantune to Deliver the World’s First All-in-One E2E UC & CE Applications

XLogix Platform combines the latest and greatest technologies & innovations in contact center applications, such as Virtual PBX, Collaboration, CRM integration, Advanced Recording, Agent Quality Monitoring, Advanced Security & Screen Capturing modules, in addition to an Advanced Billing module with call restriction feature.

XLogix enables office extensions on mobile phones and tablets. These extensions can also be configured on computers, softphones, clients and major Desktop IP phones.

XLogix enables intelligent routing that is powered by Google Cloud & Machine Learning to 19+ different regions, 58+ Zones, 134+ Network Edge locations and 200+ countries & territories globally. This increases agents’ performance to maximum efficiency. XLogix ensures an optimal customer experience by providing a full range of in-house developed products, with smart and full call records retrieval analytics through embedded AI capabilities.

Avantune provides innovative IT solutions to customer and partners to fully automate their operations. Avantune Powua is a powerful E2E orchestration platform which will be used by service providers to create their own XLogix Platform product catalogue, provision the XLogix pre-defined packages, closely meter their infrastructure, and create an estimated bill for the XLogix packages chosen. Moreover, with Powua’s E2E monitoring tools and rich built-in analytics and AI, services providers will be able to offer a fully automated and easy to use service and competitively attract SMEs and large enterprises to accelerate their journey to digital transformation!

Avantune and XLogix have also established a mutual Reseller Partnership, that seamlessly combines technologies from both companies into unique customer offerings of immense strategic value to global accounts
Through our collaboration, we are setting up our clients for success.

About Avantune

Avantune is a cloud company that develops Self Service, IoT and AI solutions. Our vision is to deliver innovation without complexity that can empower people and reduce costs. With Genialcloud we help our customers orchestrate processes and data; with Powua we help our customers orchestrate IT and IoT resources and gain control over their critical assets.

For further information, please contact:
Avantune Canada
8 King Street East, Suite 1905
Toronto, ON M5C 1B5 Canada
Phone: +1 (647) 925.3163
Fax: +1 (647) 925.3165

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