LEAP2024: SpeechLogix & Zoom introduce new revenue streams to Services Providers 

March 4, 2024, | Riyadh, K.S.A. – Oakville, ON, Canada.

SpeechLogix, the leading developer of the XLogix Platform™ & Zoom have successfully launched the 1st of its kind white labeled Conferencing platform to Services providers & Operators using XLogix Platform™.

XLogix Platform™ is an all-in-one UCaaS and CCaaS platform that is fully deployed in the local data centers of the operator backend, The platform that consists of all modules e.g. Meetings, Softphone, chat, cloud PBX, Dialer, IVR, Caller ID masking, Contact Center with Omnichannel capability, Business Messaging & Social Media integration i.e., WhatsApp, Twitter, Apple Business messaging, Instagram and Facebook Messenger, XLogix platform is geared to scale to Millions of concurrent users. 

Zoom & SpeechLogix have been working around the clock to launch new services that are relevant to SMB and Enterprise telecommunication needs, XLogix Platform™ introduces new services to any operator’s market such as SIP & landlines over cloud, Social Media integration and Callback facility. Callback facility is a Unique Omnichannel module, that allows users to land at the same agent from all channels including voice calls & Social media feeds, thanks to XLogix Platform™ Smart call routing.

Furthermore, XLogix Platform™ introduces additional services that help operators offer POTS replacement over the cloud, a technology milestone for businesses and consumers in the local market, with XLogix Platform™ capabilities to migrate core softswitch services. operators can now offer landlines using XLogix platform™, POTS replacement with the ability to be combined with UCaaS & CCaaS over 4G/5G routers, delivering all the technology benefits of the leading XLogix Platform™ while protecting legacy investments in phone sets and existing technology investments. 

SpeechLogix and Zoom have entered a global ISV partnership, Zoom Meetings SDK is used to operators who would like to offer innovative new packages that are consumed by Day/Week/Month that is directly subscribed through operators – please read the recent partnership announcement (https://www.linkedin.com/posts/nedal-shahin-pmp%C2%AE-69aa86a1_gitex-2022-speechlogix-zoom-collaborate-activity-6985347588178771968-4xWO?utm_source=share&utm_medium=member_desktop)  

“The SpeechLogix and Zoom partnership bring a platform that is designed to help operators boost their revenue. The Zoom Meetings SDK & the SpeechLogix innovative modules combine a truly all-in-one platform, that is deployed in less than 60 days” said Ejaye McComb, SpeechLogix Global Technology Director. 

About SpeechLogix 

SpeechLogix is the trademark owner and developer of the SaaS-based XLogix Platform, geared and designed for telecom operators and carriers, it combines the latest and greatest technologies & innovations in contact centers applications, such as a Cloud PBX, Advanced Recording, Agent Quality Monitoring, Advanced Security, Contact Center, Omnichannel modules & Screen Capturing, in addition to an Advanced Billing module with call restriction feature. 

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European Office: +44 20 3966 0591, Ext: 6018 



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